Henry's Law Constants

Rolf Sander

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Henry's Law Constants




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When referring to the compilation of Henry's Law Constants, please cite this publication:

R. Sander: Compilation of Henry's law constants (version 4.0) for water as solvent, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 4399-4981 (2015), doi:10.5194/acp-15-4399-2015

Henry's Law ConstantsInorganic speciesBromine (Br) → hypobromous acid

CAS RN:13517-11-8

Hcp d ln Hcp / d (1/T) Reference Type Notes
[mol/(m3Pa)] [K]

> 1.3×101 (see Errata!)

Sander et al. 2011 L

> 1.3×101 (see Errata!)

Sander et al. 2006 L
> 1.9×101 Blatchley et al. 1992 M 9)
1.8×10−2 4000 Mozurkewich 1995 T 64)
6.0×101 Frenzel et al. 1998 E
9.1×10−1 Vogt et al. 1996 E
Fickert 1998 W 65)


  • Blatchley, III, E. R., Johnson, R. W., Alleman, J. E., and McCoy, W. F.: Effective Henry's law constants for free chlorine and free bromine, Wat. Res., 26, 99-106, doi:10.1016/0043-1354(92)90117-M, 1992.
  • Fickert, S.: Laboruntersuchungen zur Freisetzung photoreaktiver Halogenverbindungen aus Seesalzaerosol, Ph.D. thesis, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Germany, 1998.
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Table entries are sorted according to reliability of the data, listing the most reliable type first: L) literature review, M) measured, V) VP/AS = vapor pressure/aqueous solubility, R) recalculation, T) thermodynamical calculation, X) original paper not available, C) citation, Q) QSPR, E) estimate, ?) unknown, W) wrong. See Section 3.1 of Sander (2015) for further details.


9) Value at T = 293 K.
64) The value is from Table 1 of the paper. However, J. Geophys. Res. forgot to print the tables and I received them directly from the author.
65) Fickert (1998) extracted a value from wetted-wall flow tube experiments. However, it was later discovered that under the experimental conditions no evaluation of H is possible (J. Crowley, pers. comm., 1999).

The numbers of the notes are the same as in Sander (2015). References cited in the notes can be found here.

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