Henry's Law Constants

Rolf Sander

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Henry's Law Constants




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When referring to the compilation of Henry's Law Constants, please cite this publication:

R. Sander: Compilation of Henry's law constants (version 4.0) for water as solvent, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 15, 4399-4981 (2015), doi:10.5194/acp-15-4399-2015

Henry's Law ConstantsInorganic speciesOther elements (B, Se, P, As, Hg) → mercury dichloride

CAS RN:7487-94-7

Hcp d ln Hcp / d (1/T) Reference Type Notes
[mol/(m3Pa)] [K]
1.0×103 Severit 1997 M 87)
1.6×104 Abraham et al. 2008 V
4.2×104 Abraham et al. 2008 V
1.3×104 7400 Kanefke 2008 R
2.4×105 Shon et al. 2005 C
1.4×104 5300 WHO 1990 C
1.4×104 5300 Lindqvist and Rodhe 1985 C
4.2×104 7400 Abraham et al. 2008 Q 88)
2.7×104 Schroeder and Munthe 1998 ? 7) 9)
1.4×104 9500 Braun and Dransfeld 1989 ? 89)
6.3×102 Iverfeldt and Persson 1985 ? 90)


  • Abraham, M. H., Gil-Lostes, J., Acree, Jr., W. E., Cometto-Muñiz, J. E., and Cain, W. S.: Solvation parameters for mercury and mercury(II) compounds: calculation of properties of environmental interest, J. Environ. Monit., 10, 435-442, doi:10.1039/B719685G, 2008.
  • Braun, H. and Dransfeld, P.: Abscheidung von Quecksilber, gVC/VDI-Tagung "Entsorgung von Sonderabfällen durch Verbrennung", Baden-Baden, 4-6 Dec 1989, 1989.
  • Iverfeldt, Å. and Persson, I.: The solvation thermodynamics of methylmercury(II) species derived from measurements of the heat of solution and the Henry's law constant, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 103, 113-119, doi:10.1016/S0020-1693(00)87476-9, 1985.
  • Kanefke, R.: Durch Quecksilberbromierung verbesserte Quecksilberabscheidung aus den Abgasen von Kohlekraftwerken und Abfallverbrennungsanlagen, Ph.D. thesis, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, 2008.
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  • WHO: Environmental Health Criteria 101 - methylmercury, Tech. rep., World Health Organization,, 1990.


Table entries are sorted according to reliability of the data, listing the most reliable type first: L) literature review, M) measured, V) VP/AS = vapor pressure/aqueous solubility, R) recalculation, T) thermodynamical calculation, X) original paper not available, C) citation, Q) QSPR, E) estimate, ?) unknown, W) wrong. See Section 3.1 of Sander (2015) for further details.


7) Several references are given in the list of Henry's law constants but not assigned to specific species.
9) Value at T = 293 K.
87) Value at T = 333 K.
88) Calculated using linear free energy relationships (LFER).
89) Measured at high temperature and extrapolated to T = 298.15 K.
90) More than one reference is given as the source of this value.

The numbers of the notes are the same as in Sander (2015). References cited in the notes can be found here.

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